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Modular Log Home: BUILD-iSODE Series
What is a BUILD-iSODE?
"BUILD-iSODES" are our new online web series where we take you on location
(i.e. the customers property) to see the Build Day Experience in Action.
Where did the idea come from?
The BUILD-iSODE girls said,"This all kind of happened by accident. We just set out to take some footage of a build but being on-site and interacting with the new homeowners we realized, "Ya know, I think we might be on to something!"
Why should you watch?
To relinquish any doubts you may have about what BRLC can do,"I think that's the beauty of what we are doing, it is TRUE reality. No sugar coating and no's filmed live, with the customer, minute by minute with no stopping for "take twos". What you see is truly the real build day experience!" Director Mandii Green states.
How are we able to do it?
Because Blue Ridge Log Cabins is the only log home company in the world who has perfected the art, quality, time management and the Construction process of building modular log homes, usually set in the dry before day one is over. No other log home company in our industry could film one on their homes being set, "unless they wanted to call it the "Hopefully within 270 days Build Experience." jokes Host Sarah Smith.
Log Home BUILD-iSODE Girl Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith,
BUILD-iSODE Host says,
"Getting lost on the way to a build is always equaled out by getting lost in the moment when I am able to see, right in front of me a customers dream coming true."
Log Home BUILD-iSODE Girl Mandii Green
Mandii Green,
BUILD-iSODE Director says,
"I always smile during editing because as the video unfolds, I realize I am making someone's unforgettable experience become an unforgettable memory."
BUILD-iSODE Web Series
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