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Log Home Living Finally Made Simple

Build your modular cabin with Beverly-Hanks
Log Home Living Finally Made Simple

Modular Cabins: Neal Hanks and Chip Smith“Log home living really can be simple,” says Chip Smith. “And our association with Beverly-Hanks is such a good idea.” The idea to which Mr. Smith refers is the relationship of his Blue Ridge Log Cabins (625 East Frontage Road, Campobello, SC 888 -563-3275) with
Beverly-Hanks & Associates Real Estate (offices throughout Western North Carolina, 866-858-2257).

CEOs Smith and Neal Hanks of Beverly-Hanks have formed a synergy that takes buying a log home to a whole new level of convenience and quality. Traditionally, if you were interested in buying a log home you probably had to arrange financing, locate property, purchase a log-home kit, have the materials delivered, hire contractors and subcontractors, and then hope that the weather stayed cooperative while your house sat unassembled and vulnerable out in the elements. Then, when the project ran over deadline and over budget, you had to return to the bank with your hat in your hand and arrange for additional financing. It could be a real nightmare.

The Blue Ridge/Beverly-Hanks concept has put all that in the past. Now knowledgeable log homebuyers can visit Blue Ridge Log Cabins, tour the complex of model homes and choose a custom floor plan. At that point, Beverly-Hanks takes over to provide the lot of their dreams.

Beverly-Hanks is the largest and most dependable real estate firm in Western North Carolina with contacts throughout the United States, while Blue Ridge Log Cabins is one of the fastest growing log home companies in the country. It’s a case of the two largest players pooling their resources to make log home buying a “no brainer.” They handle site selection, construction, finish work, subcontractors, and every other aspect of the sometimes-complicated process.

It’s more than just convenience for the customer. Quality control is nearly a religion with the two firms. Blue Ridge Log Cabins craftsmen build the homes in their South Carolina facility. “This,” says Chip Smith, “means they’re not vulnerable to weather or damage by rain, snow, wind, or any other acts of nature. That’s one of the main differences between our homes and the kit homes other companies offer. We don’t deliver raw material to the home site. Our construction process takes place inside our factory and is more precise. The homes are just, well, better; but don’t just take my word for it. We have already built over 850 homes. There is a long list of satisfied customers who are more than happy to share their experiences.” The Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ process is so unique that it actually was featured on a segment by HGTV called “Amazing Log Homes” which airs regularly nationwide.

Because the price of the home is set before the first nail is driven, there is never a need to go back to the bank for more financing. Banks are extremely enthusiastic about the Blue Ridge/Beverly-Hanks relationship. In fact, one major bank recently decided to deny funding to any log home construction project unless it was put together by Blue Ridge and Beverly-Hanks. The project’s short completion time even allows up to 95% financing.

Once the log homes are assembled, they are delivered to the home site. Most homes are weather tight in one day and can be occupied in as little as 30 days. The result is an extraordinarily well-built, custom crafted log home in significant less time than standard site built homes. Because Blue Ridge Log Cabins takes care of every aspect of construction, customer satisfaction is one of the highest in the industry.

Beverly-Hanks with its remarkable networking capabilities can help a customer find land and place the log homes almost anywhere on the planet. “We’ve worked hard to expand our reach,” says Neal Hanks. “Over the years we have handled just about every kind of real estate request. Combining our resources with Blue Ridge really worked out well for everybody concerned. I have to agree with Chip…it is a great idea. We both are fortunate to have the personnel, resources and experience to handle any request. “We really have made land and log home living easy,” says Hanks, “and the great thing about it is that the home buyer is really the one who benefits.”

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