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A Blue Ridge Log Home Offers Charm and Value

Think of a log cabin and you probably picture images of a quaint structure nestled in the woods on the side of a hill. While many historic buildings still fit that image, today’s modern Blue Ridge log home has evolved into a house to fit the lifestyle of a busy family.

Our homes serve many purposes besides the basic shelter it would have provided in the past. Beyond a place to simply sleep and eat we use our houses as home offices, media centers and even as gyms. Thinking about the many ways we use our houses one might think that we have moved beyond log cabins. Take a look at a Blue Ridge log home and you will change your mind.

The design professionals on our team have designed Blue Ridge log home plans to fit the most active families’ needs. Our homes have spacious kitchens and living areas so that you can live and entertain in comfort. All of our plans are completely customizable so that you can design it to fit your specific needs. Do you need a home office next to the kitchen so that you can watch over the children? That’s no problem. Would you like a gym off of the master suite? We can do that as well. The design is up to you.

The modern amenities available in a Blue Ridge log home might sound incompatible with the charm of a log cabin. That is not the case. We feel that we have been able to integrate the unique charm and feel of log cabin living into modern life. Take a look at the pictures of the houses here on our site and you will see what we mean.

When you buy a Blue Ridge log home you are not only getting the charm of a log cabin, you are getting the quality that we build into every house. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to tightly control the quality of our houses and build them to meet or exceed all current building standards. Call and speak to one of our team today about building your dream house. And if you want to come see for yourself what we have to offer, we love visitor!