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David and Gail letter

When the cabin was set April 2nd, Gail and I walked in the home for 2 hours on Friday and 2 hours on Saturday. You could not find one ding, dent, scratch or mark anywhere in the home. Sunday I came back with a magnifying glass like the one Sherlock Holmes used to look for evidence. OK I am taking it a little too far. The cabin was delivered in PERFECT,MINT condition and as of June 9th when I was in it last it was still looking great.

Blue Ridge has a quality control system in place that if it were a hospital they would have zero issues with patients and a waiting list for patients to be cared for. This would be one hospital that patients would be dying to get into to be helped instead of patents dying in the hospital.

OK, enough said about the building process. However,I am ready to go to work for Blue Ridge.

David and Gail
Tryon, NC
June 9, 2010