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Dana Barclay Letter

Thanks again for the nice comments!…Just so you know FOR SURE…one of the reasons I chose the Linville III is to have so much “glass”/windows on the side of my place facing Devils Tower…When folks see the view I have from the living room/kitchen/dining area of my beautiful BRLC home, they are REALLY just BLOWN AWAY!!!…I can just spend all day in that part of my home and watch the day go by…

Glad you enjoyed my “humor” with the pics which “told a story”…Rudolf, Thumper…I had fun putting it together…please feel free to use it in marketing, etc….I am/feel very blessed…and sincerely enjoy telling folks about how much I love my WY BRLC home…and how terrrific you folks are!

Hi and Merry Christmas to ALL…and Happy New Year as well!!!

Your Friend,