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A Log Home Builder Is an Important Choice

You have many choices to make when it comes time to build your dream house. Most people concentrate on deciding on the style that they want or the floor plan that will best meet their family’s needs. While these are important choices, selecting the right log home builder is one of the most important choices you will need to make.

A log home builder has control of every aspect of the building process once construction begins. Here are some of the advantages of selecting us as your log home builder:

  • Price – Your log home builder can build a log cabin that is within your planned budget or they can incur cost overruns that will destroy your careful financial plans.  We are acutely aware of this at Blue Ridge LC and we work hard to make a price commitment to our clients. We are the only log home builder in the US that makes a firm commitment on the exact price of a home. There are no estimates with us, once your details are established we tell you the final price and stick to it.
  • Quality – Building your house within our state of the art facility allows us to trained craftsmen who are overseen by our experienced quality control personnel. Our quality control systems ensure that everything in your home is built or installed correctly.
  • Complete package – A home that is built within our facility arrives on your site with very little additional work required. We install walls, floors, ceilings, moldings, wiring, plumbing, fixtures, cabins, doors, windows, appliances and much more. As your log home builder we leave very little for your onsite contractor to finish.

We entered the industry as a log home builder that wanted to revolutionize the process. We have met that goal and are happy to help our customers realize their dreams of owning a log cabin by making it more affordable. Call and speak to one of our representatives today!