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A Log Home Heats With Thermal Mass

Many people are concerned about heating a log home when they realize that there is no insulation in the exterior walls of a cabin built with logs. There is a reason that people have used this type of construction for houses for years, it is because a log home is naturally warm and cozy.

The thermal mass of the logs used to build a log home contribute to the warmth of the house. During the day when temperatures are warmer the logs absorb heat from the sun, especially when the house faces south. They also absorb warmth from the interior of the house. In the evening when temperatures drop lower than the temperature of the logs they start giving off the heat that they have absorbed. This natural heat radiation helps to warm the interior of the log home and keep things toasty warm.

There are different sizes of logs available to be used in the construction of your log home. The larger D shaped 8” x 8” ones are recommended for houses built in colder climates as they have the largest thermal mass and therefore the most heating properties. We also offer logs in 6” x 8” sizes for houses built in warmer areas, this is the most popular size of log used in the industry today.