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A Manufactured Log Home Means Value

Today more than ever, value is an important component of a manufactured log home. Building a new house is important step as well as a large financial commitment. More and more people who want to live the log cabin lifestyle are selecting to build a manufactured log home.

A manufactured log home, or modular log home, is not the same thing as a mobile home. Mobile homes are required to be built on a non removable steel chassis. This limits their size and style. The only similarity between a manufactured log home and a mobile home is that they are built in a facility. A manufactured log home has no design limitations and can be any shape or size.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ modular method of building a manufactured log home has many advantages over a traditional house built from scratch. Our method allows for saving in both costs and time. Think of the savings in these areas that are well known in the manufacturing of any product and you will see how this happens.

Blue Ridge has taken these methods of building a manufactured log home and raised the bar in the industry. We have made both quality and technical advances that result in homes that are well built, cost effective and give years of service.

There are side benefits besides the value you receive in cost savings with a manufactured log home. Solid wood structures like log cabins are more energy efficient than traditionally built stick homes.  They perform between 20 and 30% better. This is not only a cost savings for the homeowner; it is good for the environment.  This performance is due to the thermal mass of the logs used to build a manufactured log home.

If you would like to know more about a manufactured log home built by us, give us a call today. Even better, arrange to come to visit our facility in North Carolina and see how it is done for yourself.