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A Modular Log Home Can Bring Your Dreams to Life

While many people dream of owning a log home, not everyone can afford the expense of having one custom built. Fortunately, Blue Ridge Log Cabins introduced the concept of a modular log home to the industry.

If you are not familiar with what a modular log home is or how it is built, there are many advantages to this method of building houses.

Modular Log Home Advantages

Cost – Since your new modular log home is built in our factory we save on building supplies; we are buying for multiple homes not just one. We are also able to maximize the use of personnel working on the house. We not only save you money in the building process, we can tell you exactly how much you new house will cost; there are no cost overruns with us.

Time – Our method of building a modular home allows us to produce it quickly and meet schedules. We are not at the mercy of weather delays or other typical building delays.

Quality – When a modular log home is built by us it is constructed in our factory under ideal conditions and temperatures. Nothing gets rained on at an inopportune moment. We control the moisture content of the logs used and the result is less settling and better energy efficiency. The log houses we build typically exceed current building standards.

Customization – Buying a modular log home doesn’t mean you’ll have a house that looks like it came from a cookie cutter. We have many plans to choose from and each one is customizable. Our team utilizes state of the art computer technology to turn your selected plan into your dream home.

Your dreams of a log cabin are closer than you think. Call and speak to one of our team today about building your modular log home. We would also love to welcome you to our campus for a visit where you can tour our factory and experience our models first hand. Don’t wait!