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A Modular Log Home Can Make Your Dreams Affordable

The modular log home concept was introduced by Blue Ridge Log Cabins when the founder saw a need in the industry for affordable, well built homes. Since the introduction of our concept we have quickly risen to the top tier of builders of log cabins. We can build your dream house quicker and more affordably than most other providers.

Becoming the leading modular log home builder has allowed us to contain costs and offer our clients high quality at an affordable price point.  Since we do all of the work, our people are able to be very proficient in their trades and product consistent quality.  When your modular log home is built in our facility you can be comfortable in knowing that qualified personnel who are experts in their field are working on your home.

The decision to become a modular log home builder has given us the advantage of complete control over the construction process.  All of the houses we build are constructed inside of our facility which means that we do not suffer the whims of nature. We do not incur the expense of weather delays and you do not suffer the frustration. You will never have to worry about getting the roof dried in before the big storm rolls in.

Building a modular log home inside our facility means that we are able to control the environment from temperature to humidity to ensure that every modular log home that is built here is built under ideal conditions. We can and do control the humidity levels of every piece of wood that goes into one of our houses. Because of our controls our houses exhibit little to no settling once they are placed on your foundation.

A modular log home can be the answer to your dreams of living in a beautifully crafted log cabin. Take a virtual tour online of our most popular models and you will see that they have been designed with today’s lifestyle in mind.