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A Modular Log Home Means Quality

Our team not only introduced the concept of a modular log home factory to the industry, we have taken the concept to new heights. Constructing these houses in our state of the art facility has given us the opportunity to improve the quality of our products as well as control every aspect of construction.

Site built homes fall prey to the whims of nature. Storms usually blow in at the most inopportune times and can cause delays, repairs and cost overruns.  When we build a modular log home in our facility we never have to worry about a rainy day, high winds or any other weather problems. We control every aspect of the environment where your modular log home is built. We even control the humidity levels to ensure that the logs used in your house reach you in ideal condition.

Another benefit of your modular log home being built in our facility is quality control. Our personnel are skilled at their jobs and experts at constructing log homes. Workers building a site built log cabin may have never worked on a cabin before and are often left to their own devices. It is uncommon for a project’s engineer to visit the project more than once or twice. Every stage of the building process in our facility is overseen by our engineers to make sure that work is done correctly. We think the care we take in doing our jobs shows in the end product.