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A Variety of Log Cabin Plans Are Available at Blue Ridge

Log cabin plans have come a long way from their humble beginnings. While log homes started out as basic one room buildings that were very utilitarian, they are now as beautiful as any other homes being built in the country. Some of the most spectacular homes of today have their roots in the humble log cabins of the past.

The building of these homes has evolved over the years and Blue Ridge Log Cabins has brought innovative, modern techniques to the industry. One of the benefits of our innovation is that we are able to let our home owners customize their log cabin plans. Every family has their own preferences when it comes to the design and floor plan for their home. Families are not from a cookie cutter mold and we don’t feel that their homes should be either.

Our designers have worked hard to develop an array of log cabin plans to fit a wide variety of lifestyles. We encourage our potential homeowners to browse our log cabin plans and find one that appeals to them. From this beginning our team will be happy to help every customer make additions and changes to turn it into their dream home.

Whether you are empty nesters looking to downsize to a home that is perfect for two or your family is still growing, we have log cabin plans to fit your lifestyle.  Our series of 12 groups of floor plans offers everything from a cozy home to an expansive one suitable for a busy, growing family. They are all available for you to browse through on our website. We even have 360 degree virtual tours of some of the most popular ones.

We know that building the home of your dreams is a personal thing and that’s why we strive to help all of our clients find log cabin plans to bring their dream to life. Where ever you are in the process, feel free to call on us to help.  We are always happy to answer questions!