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Our Reputation

Success Acknowledgement
Inc. Magazine has recognized Blue Ridge Log Cabins as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. The national publication acknowledged the company, in 2008 and again in 2009, serving as a benchmark for being one of the most innovative, dynamic and successful companies in the nation: “In this fast-paced, high-tech era, there is a growing interest in returning to nature and a more relaxed pace of life. The company’s pre-engineered building technique moved construction indoors into a new state-of-the-art, 110,000-square-foot manufacturing facility utilizing a quality-controlled assembly line environment.” Unlike on-site or kit-construction methods, Blue Ridge Log Cabins has control over both quality of materials and construction procedures.

Knowledgeable Log Home Shoppers
Research by Synergy Point, an independent survey company, revealed 88% of Blue Ridge Log Cabin buyers researched the competition before deciding on buying a Blue Ridge Log Cabin. The same third party research identified that ‘Quality of the Home’, ‘Ease of Buying’, ‘High Value’, and ‘Less Time’ were the major factors log home shoppers chose Blue Ridge Log Cabins. Findings also uncovered that more than 90% of Blue Ridge Log Cabin owners refer new customers to the company.

Long Distance Buyers
The New York Times published an article stressing the fulfillment of log home buyer’s, Greg and Linda Corless. The newspaper reported about the couple from Altamonte Springs, Florida who purchased a lot in North Carolina and were looking for an easy way to oversee the building of their log cabin. Like many other out-of-state buyers, the Corless’s chose Blue Ridge Log Cabins mainly due to the less stress and headaches in trying to oversee their home construction from living nine hours away. The article highlighted the customers’ decision by the comment, “All we had to do was hire a contractor to prepare the site and connect the electricity and plumbing.”

National Recognition
In 2006, after a significant amount of research into the company, HGTV contacted Blue Ridge Log Cabins. The popular television network stated they were going to create a new television series titled, “Amazing Log Homes”, and they wanted to highlight Blue Ridge Log Cabins in a premiere episode. After the first airing, HGTV stated it was one of the most requested episode they have ever produced. The success of the show, which continues to air today, emphasizes Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ ability to build high-quality log homes at affordable prices.

Seeing is Believing
Shopper responses to Blue Ridge Log Cabin on-site seminars are significant: “Seeing and being able to talk to Chip Smith and other company people set our mind at rest.” “There is no more apprehension of the quality as compared to other methods we’ve explored.” “You can see the pride everyone takes in the product and the process.” “The best we’ve found in more than two years of research.”

Financing Benefit
Most conventional log home builders and log-kit producers are able to obtain only 70% loan-to-value conventional mortgages for their buyers. With Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ financial strength, quality systems’ production methods, and homeowner satisfaction ratings, a nationwide lender extended Blue Ridge Log Cabin customers the opportunity to qualify for 95% home loans. Blue Ridge Log Cabins is the only builder whose buyers are offered up to 95% mortgages.