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Building a Log Home Can Be Quicker Than You Thought

Building a log home is a dream for many people in the U.S. It is a traditional method of constructing a house and brings to mind comfort, family and home life. In previous times a simple one room cabin could be built in a day or two when everyone in the community came together for a house raising. Those times are gone and today’s family wants the charm of a cabin with all of today’s modern conveniences. Building a log home with Blue Ridge Log Cabins can mean the best of both worlds.

Building a log home using a custom builder who constructs it from scratch can be a time consuming process. It is common for this method to take a year or more. Blue Ridge has cut the time it takes when building a log home by using modular techniques. In this method the home is build within a factor where the environment and temperature are controlled. As in any other type of manufacturing, having everything done in one place saves time. What this means for the home owner is they can have their home delivered to their building site in months rather than waiting over a year.

There are other advantages to building a log home in a modular setting. With everyone working in the same place, quality control measures are easy to implement. Blue Ridge has an entire team of quality control personnel overseeing the construction of every log cabin they build.  This method also allows them to tightly control costs when building a log home. These cost savings are why houses built by them are usually less expensive than ones built from scratch on site.

Whatever your reasons for dreaming of building a log home, Blue Ridge can help you bring your log cabin to reality. They have a team of professionals to help you every step of the way through the design process and can ensure than the house you build meets your family’s every expectation.