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Buy a Log Home and Let Your Dreams Come True

The decision to buy a log home is an exciting one. The hard part starts when you have to decide which company to purchase from and the type of construction you want. There are many companies that you can buy a log home from, but they are not all equal nor do they offer the same service or product quality.

You have three basic choices when you decide to buy a log home.

  • Custom, site built construction – You hire a builder to construct your log cabin from scratch on your home site. This process usually takes a year or more and the final cost is difficult to estimate due to weather delays and other cost over runs.
  • Kit construction – When you order a kit to buy a log home all of the parts are delivered to your site. There is no preassembly done. You must then either put it together yourself or hire a contractor. It’s important to hire someone who has experience with these kits. If you are doing the work yourself you will need to hire subcontractors for trades such as plumbing and electrical work.
  • Modular construction – Your log cabin is built inside a facility under ideal conditions where climate and other variables are tightly controlled. Quality control managers oversee the process. It is delivered to your site in modules based on the size of your house and can often be set up in one day.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins introduced modular construction to the log home industry and is the industry leader. Our state of the art facility produces homes that meet or exceed building codes. Our engineers have designed every house to stand up to 130 mph winds. When you buy a log home from us you receive a home that is of exceptional quality and delivered quickly. Our prices are extremely competitive, exceptional even when you consider the quality of our log cabins.

Contact us today about getting started on your dream log home. You can even come and watch it being built. We love visitors to our facility!