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Log Cabin Decorating Ideas from Blue Ridge

Just because your log cabin is made of wood doesn’t mean that everything inside has to feel rustic. Log cabins are just like any other home—you can decorate them to your heart’s content based on your personal style and taste. At Blue Ridge Log Cabins, we love helping our customers turn their ideas into realities. […]

U.S. Presidents and Log Cabins

In honor of the proceedings that are about to be held in a few weeks, we here at Blue Ridge Log Cabins thought it would be appropriate to salute our founding fathers, especially the ones who had the same passion and love for log cabins as we do. Fun fact: Did you know that 7 […]

Energy Efficiency & Keeping Up with Codes

Energy codes continue to change from the previous slow adoption fad to the current “Code Requirements” that have been mandated by many states regarding new construction. Blue Ridge Log Cabins has been a premiere log cabin building company for 20 years, and our knowledge and capabilities allow us to offer our customers “Green Certified” homes. […]

A Short History of the Log Cabin

The idea of building the walls of a house by stacking logs horizontally occurred to the Roman architects in the first century, and log cabin home builder Blue Ridge Log Cabins can build one for you that is greatly superior. Following a practice seen in nature to use natural materials that were strong as well […]

Choosing the Savannah Series Log Cabin

Blue Ridge Log Cabins is the industry authority in log homes. A traditional log cabin home is not only beautiful and made from natural products, it is practical and well-equipped. The Savannah Series home is big enough for a large family and has two master suites to choose from. One is on the first floor […]

The Indoor Facility and Building Process of Blue Ridge Log Cabins

Most people have heard of modular homes, and everyone knows what a log cabin is, but did you know that log cabins could also be modular? When Blue Ridge Log Cabins is the builder, that’s exactly what they are. Every modular log cabin constructed by our company starts its life under the roof of our […]

Custom Log Cabin Home Builder

If you have ever dreamed of living in the rustic splendor of a traditional log cabin home, we are the builders to call. Here at Blue Ridge Log Cabins, we are a South Carolina log cabin home builder. We are ready to meet your home needs by helping you to customize your log home. Whether […]

South Carolina Log Cabin Home Builder

The joy of owning a traditional log cabin home is a pleasure you deserve for yourself and your family, and we can make it happen for you. Our designs give you all the feeling of comfort that you expect from a South Carolina log cabin home builder in addition to spacious expanses that complement your […]

Log Cabin Home Builder in South Carolina Builds Dream Homes

The phrase “dream home” says it all. A well-designed house breathes with the landscape, almost as if it had grown in that particular place. Blue Ridge Log Cabins capture that sense of belonging and rightness in their snug, well-appointed homes. It takes vision to build a dream. It also takes know-how. The pioneers needed ingenuity […]

Custom Modular Log Cabin Home Builder

The pioneer spirit endures in this country and with it, the appeal of country living. Blue Ridge Log Cabins, a South Carolina log cabin home builder, has captured the mood, style and a true Americana atmosphere with its line of basic and full featured homes. With modern technology, updated precision tools and a team of […]

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