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Kits for Log Homes are Not the Only Affordable Option

Once the cost of labor priced custom built log cabins out of the reach of many people, kits for log homes were developed as a solution. While they are an affordable alternative to custom built homes, there are many problems with the method of building a house. Blue Ridge Log Cabins introduced an alternative to kits for log homes when it brought modular construction methods to the industry.

A Log Home Builder Is an Important Choice

You have many choices to make when it comes time to build your dream house. Most people concentrate on deciding on the style that they want or the floor plan that will best meet their family’s needs. While these are important choices, selecting the right log home builder is one of the most important choices you will need to make.

Buying Log Cabins Is Easier When You Go Modular

Buying log cabins is a time honored tradition here in the United States. They have been a part of the American landscape for hundreds of years. While it is still possible to construct a log cabin using the original handmade method, it has become very expensive to do so. That may seem like it is in direct opposition to the tradition of log homes but the fact is that the labor involved has become a major factor in prices.

Modular Log Homes Mean Reduced Costs

Modular log homes are a recent addition to the log cabin industry. Log houses are a long standing tradition for many areas of the country. The most traditional method of construction is to custom build them on site by hand. When labor costs put this method beyond the reach of many potential home owners the industry began offering kits to build homes with. While kits reduced the costs, the results were not what many people wanted. Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ answer to both of these problems was the introduction of modular construction to the industry.

Log Home Packages without Surprises

There are many things that a potential owner wants in their new house but surprises are not on the list. Unfortunately, many homeowners have found that surprises are part of the log home packages from some builders in the industry. At Blue Ridge Log Cabins we have done everything in our power to make the process as transparent as possible for our clients and remove all chance of surprises.

Log Home Kits Are Old School

Many people still think that the only two options for building log homes are building custom ones from scratch or using log home kits. Blue Ridge Log Cabins felt that the industry could benefit from the use of modern techniques and innovations and introduced modular building methods to the log cabin industry. The result has been as system that allows us to build a top quality home in a quick time frame at a price that is significantly less than most people expect.

A Variety of Log Cabin Plans Are Available at Blue Ridge

Log cabin plans have come a long way from their humble beginnings. While log homes started out as basic one room buildings that were very utilitarian, they are now as beautiful as any other homes being built in the country. Some of the most spectacular homes of today have their roots in the humble log […]

Log Home Plans

Studying and paging through log home plans are great ways to solidify what you want in a new house. We understand that at Blue Ridge Log Cabins and we have put many of our plans on our website for you to view.

A Blue Ridge Log Home Offers Charm and Value

Think of a log cabin and you probably picture images of a quaint structure nestled in the woods on the side of a hill. While many historic buildings still fit that image, today’s modern Blue Ridge log home has evolved into a house to fit the lifestyle of a busy family.

Your Log Home Builder with a Difference

Blue Ridge Log Cabins entered the market as a log home builder and brought something to the industry that was considered a luxury and made it a reality for everyone. Our innovative introduction of modular building methods has placed the dream of building a log cabin quickly within reach.

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