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Choosing the Savannah Series Log Cabin

Blue Ridge Log Cabins is the industry authority in log homes. A traditional log cabin home is not only beautiful and made from natural products, it is practical and well-equipped. The Savannah Series home is big enough for a large family and has two master suites to choose from. One is on the first floor and one is on the second floor, and both have equal amenities of whirlpools, separate showers, and dual sinks.

A modular log cabin is complete with all finish products, down to the light bulbs. Everything is ready to use and guaranteed upon completion of the home. The great room concept of an open kitchen, living and dining area keeps the atmosphere light and roomy, but also comfortable and cozy. The open concept extends to the upper level as well. It is open to the first floor, for better heat circulation, and has three large bedrooms and two full baths.

As log cabin home builders, we are knowledgeable and dependable, getting your new home built on a reasonable time line. We have most of the work done in a dry, protected place, and then bring it to the building site mostly constructed. The finish work goes quickly and everything is included in the cost statement. You do not have to deal with several contractors, just one.

The covered porch is optional, but adds living space and personality to the home. The Savannah I includes the porch and the extra master suite, and has 2,280 square feet of living space. The Savannah II does not include a porch, has three bedrooms and 1,870 square feet of living space, for buyers who don’t need the extra room.

The natural wood hue of the logs and woodsy green roof allow the home to blend into a natural setting with ease and grace. Blue Ridge Log Cabins is the smart home builder’s choice for a solid, family-centered dwelling. Call 888-563-3275 for your new cabin now.