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Custom Modular Log Cabin Home Builder

The pioneer spirit endures in this country and with it, the appeal of country living. Blue Ridge Log Cabins, a South Carolina log cabin home builder, has captured the mood, style and a true Americana atmosphere with its line of basic and full featured homes.

With modern technology, updated precision tools and a team of seasoned designers, architects and wood workers, the company is able to create impressive log homes in the controlled conditions of its indoor log cabin building facility They are a far cry from the rudimentary structures built by the early settlers who had to deal with the harsh elements, crude tools and a host of other inconveniences.

This highly acclaimed log cabin home builder has brought log built homes into the 21st century with designs and features that make for convenient, modern living. The homes are pre wired and built to accommodate modern appliances and other conveniences unknown to our earlier ancestors. They are constructed so that air leaks between logs and around doors and windows have been eliminated. Insulation has been installed at all critical points. The thick, rot resistant logs provide substantial side wall insulation, that when added to the attic insulation provides the homes with some of the highest overall R values in the industry. That means that the cost of heating and cooling a Blue Ridge home is far less than traditionally built models.

There is something remarkable about a traditional log cabin home. They are comfortable, and exude a strong feeling of warmth and plenty of character unmatched in conventionally styled homes. Our architects and designers have the American family in mind when they lay out the floor plans. The spaces are built for ease of use and compatibility, so that the family can spread out and enjoy their space.

Most people find that our standard floor plans work well for them. We offer a large selection of stylish homes from under 1,000 to over 3,000 square feet and modular log cabins from just over 600. Our pricing structure is designed to meet every budget. If you have not yet acquired the land for your dream home, we can help with that as well. Our goal is to grow our business and reputation by continuing as the best builder of quality log built homes in the country. Thanks to our many satisfied customers, we are well on our way to achieving our goals for the future.

Visit our informative website or call Blue Ridge log cabins homes at 888-563-3275. Talk to one of our well informed sales specialists. Share our customer testimonials and view our gallery of homes.