Our Partners and Sponsors A Giving Commnity

Thank you to the generous partners and sponsors whose skills, products, and tireless, dedicated teamwork made the project come together through the demands of the 106-hour challenge

Blue Ridge Log Cabins Thanks our Partners and Sponsors

As one of the show's most memorable projects, the Steps-N-Stages Jubilee House presented an opportunity to not only help Navy veteran Barbara Marshall, but also raise awareness about the homeless military vet population in North Carolina and throughout the country. The season premiere captures America at its finest with the energy of 24-hour teams of craftspeople and designers, more than 4,000 volunteers, and constant crowds of spectators.

In addition, the project was backed by over 70 partners and sponsors (LINKS TO SPONSOR LIST) whose skills, products, and tireless, dedicated teamwork made the project come together through the demands of the 106-hour challenge. Blue Ridge was grateful to work side by side with these quality South Carolina and North Carolina companies, and we were honored to have them join our Blue Ridge family for this amazing, all-American effort.

We were pleased to hear from many of them, who let us know they found the build as rewarding as we did:

"Blue Ridge: An Example of the Right Way to Do Things"

Thank you to everyone at Blue Ridge Log Cabins. Wow! I was blown away by the energy, attitude, and commitment from each and every Blue Ridge employee. From the first mention of the project, to the planning, plant luncheon and kickoff, and until I left the jobsite in Fayetteville, it was amazing to see what the people at Blue Ridge Log Cabins can do. I've been working with Blue Ridge as a vendor for over six years, and I get the privilege to talk to Don Schultow on a regular bases. Don is an amazing example of what the "family" of Blue Ridge Log Cabins is all about. However, what I was able to witness in Fayetteville was more than I thought possible.

Amid the chaos of trying to build not only a huge cabin, but one with as many "bells and whistles" as the Extreme designers can come up, the Blue Ridge Log Cabin people ironed out each task, small and large, as if it were nothing, and kept moving. This was a testament to the foundation Blue Ridge has built itself on. You guys rock! People, material, fans, security, volunteers, and celebrity personalities were flying around everywhere, and there, in the middle of it all, just as cool and calm as can be, were some of the most amazing people I've had the chance to watch work. Those are the Blue Ridge people.

I didn't get a chance to thank each of you for the privilege to look at how I go about my day and how I treat people in my personal life and those I work with. You guys are an example of the right way to do things -- with a positive attitude to all, an energy level not regularly seen, and a commitment to a job done well. Thank you for showing me what can be done for others when you come together for a greater cause -- all pulling on one rope to get it done.

Thank you to Chip, Chris, Bo, Wes, Raymond, Don, Sara, and the rest of the Blue Ridge Log Cabin folks. You guys are an example and inspiration to us all of a company that works wonders when it works together.


Chris DeMauro

"Wonderful Days I Will Never Forget"

On behalf of West Window Corporation, may I say what a joy it was to be included in the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Jubilee House in Fayetteville, NC. To be onsite as the house was being set and finished was indeed exciting. Working alongside the Blue Ridge team of professionals and volunteers were wonderful days that I will never forget. To see the Black Dualvue II windows in the finished home was a moment of pride for me as well.

West Window Corporation has been a vendor to Blue Ridge Log Cabins for many years, and from day one we have been very impressed with its leadership, employees, and homes. It is a pleasure to partner with such a great company.


Stanley Waddell

"Will Work on Any Project with Blue Ridge Log Cabins"

Our experience with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was one never to be forgotten. Our "feel good" involvement was with Blue Ridge's Raymond Massey, who conducted himself with honesty and integrity and as a man of true character. He was up front with all our dealings and kept us informed to the best of his ability to what was going on. We would be willing to work on any project with Blue Ridge Log Cabins.


Lanny H. Clark

"A Great Product, a Top-notch Company"

When I was approached by Blue Ridge Log Cabins and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to help in the build of the Jubilee House for Mrs. Barbara Marshall, I was willing to help in any way I could. I watch the show all the time and have always wanted to be involved with one of the builds. It was a great experience. Working with all the volunteers was like nothing I had ever been around. The build reminded me of watching ants at work -- everyone knew what to do and would jump in anytime something needed to be done.

I also want to express the pleasure of working with Blue Ridge Log Cabins. They really have a great product and run a top-notch company. Blue Ridge has some of the greatest and most helpful people I have ever worked with.

Jimmy Hall