A Look Inside the Jubilee House

It’s a beautiful sight to see -- on the Season Premiere of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and every time a homeless female veteran comes through its doors to find shelter, support, and resources. The new Jubilee House in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is a quality, luxury Blue Ridge Log Cabin home, with every detail designed in honor of these American Heroes, and constructed and crafted to the high standards of Blue Ridge Log Cabins.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins Builds All-American Home for Female Vets

Constructed offsite in Blue Ridge’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility through an industry-leading process, the 5,000-plus-square foot Jubilee House mirrors America’s “White House,” with grey logs and accents of red, white, and blue tones. The American-style modern log cabin has a front porch and deck that span the entire front of the house. A majestic stone entryway and walkway welcome women vets, and an American flag waves proudly.

The West Wing

Befitting a true White House, the new Jubilee House has its own West Wing, with a grand dining hall where the Jubilee women can gather for meals and events. The rustic open atrium is done in modern earth tones with wood-planked walls, exposed painted beams, and double-stacked windows. There is an overhead catwalk, a tall glass fireplace, and a grand dining table with high-back chairs.

In this room there is also a display of plaques inscribed with the names of all who’ve made this “White House” possible, so Jubilee House Founder Barbara Marshall and all the residents will always know how much they are appreciated. (There’s still time to “Donate A Log” to the Jubilee House. Get the details.

The West Wing is home to the kitchen, where all the Jubilee women can come together to cook for the residents and other female vets in the community. The kitchen features a rolling library ladder, a dual sink, a custom butcher-block island, custom stone backsplash, an exposed pantry, and a hanging metal pot rack, plus modern amenities like a pot faucet at the range, and a specially created vegetable vacuum tube that effortlessly transports fresh vegetables from the garden to the kitchen. The exquisite and rustic Blue Ridge design is continued with the exposed ceiling beams and white and natural woods. A highlight of the room is the Jubilee Menu on the wall, which outlines each day’s meals, information sessions, projects, and resource offerings.

Private Wing and Oval Office

The extreme build resulted in a private wing for Barbara and her son Bert that is separate from the Jubilee House residents. In this secluded master living suite, Barbara has her very own Oval Office, designed suitably for a “First Lady.” The traditional room has white-washed wood walls, exposed lacquered white wood beams, walnut floors, a window enclave, and a side exit to a private patio. There are also wall-to-wall shelves with a rolling library ladder, a four-poster bed, and a restored antique desk signed by First Lady Michelle Obama herself.

An All-American Boy’s Room – Football and Marching Bands

Barbara’s son Bert has his own special room in the White House where he can exercise and practice his drumming and marching. With a nighttime football game theme, the room features AstroTurf floors, stadium lights, and football field wall graphics. A Murphy Bed creates more space in the room for Bert to run on the built-in treadmill and practice his music on the huge collection of drums.

Unit B -- Room for All Who Serve

Apart from Barbara’s private quarters are three spacious rooms for homeless women vets and their children.

The “Army” room features vintage elements, with a clean, fresh look and feel; white, tan, and Army green colors with natural wood; inspirational art; and a canopy “tent” bed. The room has rich wood floors, natural wood walls, burlap accents, and plush linens, along with subtle military elements and historical American artifacts to pay homage to all Army veterans.

The “Air Force and Navy” room features light wood floors, a large moveable wall partition for added privacy, and white patchwork curtains. As a tribute to Air Force and Navy veterans, the room has aviator-style furniture and Navy Vessel bunk-beds and hammocks. Styled with ribbed and corrugated metal with rustic finishes, the room has industrial architecture features with vintage accessories and natural blends of metallic, brown, khaki, blue, and grey.

The “Marines” room is another transitional space for homeless female vets featuring an inspirational “American History Wall,” rich wood floors, a large formal headboard, and dark curtains. The formal elements depict the bold, clean colors of a Marine’s uniform, with dark woods and navy blue, white, red, silver, and gold accents.

Unit B also has a small, more intimate kitchen for the Jubilee residents, with custom cabinetry, white countertops, a corrugated metal backsplash, natural log walls, and stainless steel appliances. The décor lends itself to a Vintage WWII mess mall, but with feminine touches and cool colors of grey, sage green, metallic, and light and dark woods.

American Strong

The new Jubilee House features a modern gym for Barbara and all the residents. The gym is covered with black bamboo floors and highlighted with horizontal striped walls and mirrors. Fully equipped with televisions, free weights, treadmills, and bikes, the room gives the women a place to concentrate on their physical health.

Extreme Room, Extreme Resources

Blue Ridge Log Cabins was able to create a fluid and flexible space that can change with the needs and interests of the Jubilee House residents. The multi-purpose room in Unit B includes a lounge, resource center, computer lab, and lecture hall, along with a family entertainment center and kids’ play room.

Lined with light cork floors, the room features built-in banquet seating and a resource library wall. The moveable acoustic glass partition walls and convertible wall system provide a flexible space for learning, relaxing, and interacting for both women and their children.

A Place to Bloom, a Place to Grow

Outside the White House is “America’s Jubilee Garden,” a place all the residents and fellow vets can be a part of. The garden features a sitting area, green house, fountain, and of course a Rose Garden. There are fruit and vegetable beds, and a specially created vegetable vacuum tube to easily transfer these garden delights to the kitchen table. The fresh, bright, and airy area is a place the women can work together, share resources, and grow, as they plant seeds for the future.

Any of the features of this Extreme Jubilee House can be added to your dream home. Learn more about the quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge building process of Blue Ridge Log Cabins. Get started!

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