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Kits for Log Homes are Not the Only Affordable Option

Once the cost of labor priced custom built log cabins out of the reach of many people, kits for log homes were developed as a solution. While they are an affordable alternative to custom built homes, there are many problems with the method of building a house. Blue Ridge Log Cabins introduced an alternative to kits for log homes when it brought modular construction methods to the industry.

One of the main complains about kits for log homes is the incomplete aspect of the package. In general, the cut logs that are required for construction are delivered to the construction site along with the other materials necessary for the structural components of the house. These kits for log homes do not include any of the materials required for finishing the project such as doors, windows, floors, wiring, fixtures, cabinets, etc. The result is that purchasing the kit is just the beginning of the expenses the homeowner faces. It can be difficult to estimate the final cost of the house under these circumstances.

The team at Blue Ridge LC has developed a program that allows customers to know the final delivered price of their house. The price that is on the contract is the price that they pay, there are no cost overruns passed on to the customer in our program.  This is important to know because unlike kits for log homes, our packages include the interior finish. When a house is delivered by us all of the wiring, plumbing, floors, doors, windows, molding, fixtures, appliances and more are installed.

Beyond price considerations, our quality stands head and shoulders above kits for log homes. Every home we build is constructed inside of a climate controlled facility under strict quality control measures. We think that this leads to the production of some of the best log houses in the industry.  Call and speak to one of our representative and let them show you what we can do for you.