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Log Cabin Home Builder in South Carolina Builds Dream Homes

The phrase “dream home” says it all. A well-designed house breathes with the landscape, almost as if it had grown in that particular place. Blue Ridge Log Cabins capture that sense of belonging and rightness in their snug, well-appointed homes.

It takes vision to build a dream. It also takes know-how. The pioneers needed ingenuity and perseverance to construct dwellings that would withstand the onslaught of the elements. They had only simple tools and their own determination. Yet their homes had a character and rightness that speaks of the American spirit.

The challenge for today’s log cabin home builder is to preserve the spirit but add the amenities for modern living. Blue Ridge does this to perfection with its selection, from modest cabins to large impressive log homes. Each comes equipped with all the comforts that modern living can offer.

Building a traditional log cabin home requires a great deal of time. Both quality and cost of construction can suffer due to the unpredictability of weather and the difficulty of securing both appropriate materials and a dependable crew of workers. This company has devised a unique solution to the problem: bringing the process into a state-of-the-art indoor log cabin building facility.

Instead of fighting the elements and hoping for the best, the company constructs each modular log cabin in the controlled conditions of its modern plant. Here the highly skilled workers produce modules that are 90 percent complete before they ever leave the facility. The nearly completed home is then transported to a prepared site and can often be up the same day it is delivered.

These beautifully constructed homes are a far cry from the average modular construction, and would have astonished the early settlers. They are built from solid logs that are kiln-dried and rot resistant. The snug construction eliminates air leaks, and roof insulation completes a supremely comfortable and energy-efficient home. Wiring, flooring and even top-quality appliances are installed in the factory.

Your dream home can become a reality in a remarkably short time. All that is needed is for you to get in touch with Blue Ridge. Choose the floor plan, appliances and finishing touches that suit your lifestyle and vision. The competent and friendly staff can assist you in fine-tuning your selections and working out a budget that is right for you.

Location is not an issue with this South Carolina log cabin home builder. The company is able to deliver your house to the location of your choice. Residents of South Carolina can profit from the partnership with Beverly-Hanks & Associates in selecting a building site that fits their vision of the perfect setting.

Visit Blue Ridge Log Cabins at our website or call one of our courteous, well-informed staff at 888-563-3275. Get started on making your dream home into a reality.