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Log Cabin Home Builder Rebuilds Log Cabin for New Jersey Veterinarian

A New Jersey veterinarian who had her 80-year old log cabin burn to the ground after a faulty heating system set the cabin on fire. Blue Ridge Log Cabins was able to build a new log cabin on the location and provide a modular home to Ms. Schneider restoring some normalcy to her life.

Terri Schneider, who lived in the previous log cabin for the past 13 years, was quoted on the log cabin building process and experience:

I want to thank all of you who stood by me and helped me cope over the past 12 months-whether it was words of encouragement on Facebook, a shoulder to cry on, helping navigate the home building process-in many small and large ways you were all there for me and all of you helped me keep my sanity and make it through the toughest year of my life.

Read the full article from the Mount Olive Chronicle here: