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Log Home Cabins Finding a Great Place to Build

Choosing log home cabins as a design is an easy decision for many people. They have dreamed of living in a log cabin for many years. Often the hard part of the decision is selecting the perfect spot to build their new house. Blue Ridge Log Cabins understands this dilemma and has partnered with some of the best and most desirable communities in the Southeast to help you build log home cabins.

While some people prefer to strike out on their own to find a building spot and do not like a community lifestyle, many prefer to build their log home cabins in established communities. These communities offer a way to network with like minded individuals who enjoy the same love for nature and everything that comes with log home cabins.

The communities we have chosen to partner with offer home sites where log home cabins can sit nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains overlooking amazing views of lakes, rivers and forests.  One of these communities, called Cave Rock Estates in Glade Valley, North Carolina offer 279 gated acres of rolling hills and long range mountain views. Mountain Brook at Crabtree Falls is in picturesque Little Switzerland, North Carolina and offers wonderful views of Mount Mitchell.

If you are a more independent type and do not want to be in a community of log home cabins, Waterford Group is here to help you. They have help numerous people find perfect spots to build their log home cabins all over the country. They know where to find the most picturesque and beautiful spots for log home cabins whether you are dreaming of a lakeside retreat, a beach or a mountain top.

We understand that selecting log home cabins and where to build them is a major decision. Our team is here for you every step of the way and is always ready to answer your questions.  Give us a call today and let’s get started.