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Log Home Construction Methods

Log home construction has been part of the American way of life for hundreds of years. In the early days it was accomplished by cutting some logs and calling on your friends and relatives to help you build a house. It typically consisted of one room and often had a dirt floor.

As people progressed log home construction and design progressed. Demand grew for larger homes with more rooms and amenities. Craftsmen began building these more complicated homes. While this gave people more elaborate homes it also priced log homes out of the reach of many. In response to a desire for a way to accomplish log home construction that was less costly, log home kits were introduced. When a kit is purchased, the manufacturer cuts all of the logs to size that are needed for the house and delivers it to the home site. It is then assembled on site like a giant puzzle. The house then still has to be wired, plumbed, etc. These kits are still used today.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins introduced another method of log home construction; this is the modular method. When Blue Ridge builds a house it is built entirely within our state-of-the-art facility. It is never exposed to the elements while being built. All of the logs used in construction are kiln dried and their moisture content is monitored throughout the building process. Our quality control supervisors oversee every aspect of construction which is performed by our skilled professionals and craftsmen. Once a house leaves the facility it is complete down to the wiring, plumbing and appliances.

Another benefit to our method of log home construction is time. We are not at the mercy of weather delays or onsite hazards. When you select us to build your new house it can be finished in a matter of months as opposed to a year or more.

Call and speak to one of our representatives today. We can show you how to start living the log cabin lifestyle in no time. You can even come to our facility and watch your dream home being built. What are you waiting for?