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Log Homes Built to Your Specifications

Log homes have been a popular category of houses for many years but it used to be cost prohibitive to build one to your personal specifications. The process involved finding and hiring skilled craftsmen capable of building log homes from scratch. The process of building houses in this manner can take a year or longer to complete.  The only other previous method of building log homes was to order a kit that would be delivered to your home. Once the kit was delivered you had the responsibility of finding a local craftsman to assemble it.

The team at Blue Ridge Log Cabins has made the dream of being able to affordably customizing houses reality. We began by using the innovative concept of factory built log homes. When a house is ordered from us it is completely assembled in our state of the art facility where every step can be overseen and controlled. After succeeding with this concept we began offering our clients the option of customizing their log homes.

When a customer comes to us with their dream for a log cabin our team is there to work with them all the way through the process. Our extensive list of established plans for log homes has been so well designed that many customers find exactly what they are looking for without changes. Clients who wish to customize a design work with our in-house engineers to make their dream a reality. We use state of the art systems to ensure that the changes are structurally sound and the plans will meet or exceed local building codes.

If you have been thinking about enjoying the rustic beauty and craftsmanship of log homes for your primary residence or vacation home, now is the time. We have made it affordable and attractive to enjoy log cabin living. You are welcome to visit our facility and see what all of the excitement is about.