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Log Homes Offer the Best of Both Worlds

The sight of log homes scattered on a picturesque landscape brings to mind images of days past. Most of us have a romantic image of the life lived in one of these houses. It can almost be shocking to notice that the lights twinkling from the windows are electric rather than candlelight.

If your concept of the lifestyle lived in log homes is one that lacks modern conveniences, you haven’t been in any log homes lately. While the exterior may look like the house was built many years ago, the interior of one of today’s log homes is a perfect blend of the past and the present.

The flat finish of the interior of the logs used in Blue Ridge houses allows cabinets and other interior features to be easily hung. Our engineers have seamlessly incorporated electrical wiring and plumbing into our log homes. The floor plans of our houses have been designed with the needs of today’s families in mind and they can be customized to fit your desires.

If you have been dreaming about life in a log cabin but thought it wouldn’t fit your lifestyle, come see what today’s log homes have to offer. One of those log homes nestled on a hill that you have been admiring could be yours.