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Modular Log Homes Mean Reduced Costs

Modular log homes are a recent addition to the log cabin industry. Log houses are a long standing tradition for many areas of the country. The most traditional method of construction is to custom build them on site by hand. When labor costs put this method beyond the reach of many potential home owners the industry began offering kits to build homes with.  While kits reduced the costs, the results were not what many people wanted.  Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ answer to both of these problems was the introduction of modular construction to the industry.

We realize that cost is the overriding factor when building a house. We have designed our modular log homes program with that in mind. Here is how we can help you meet your budget goals when you choose one of our modular log homes:

  • Price Commitment – Once you have made the final selection for your floor plan and finishes we will give you a firm price on the cost of your modular home. A representative will visit your site to ensure that the price we give you is the price you will pay without any unforeseen surprises.
  • No Cost Overruns – Building modular log homes within our facility allows us to tightly control our materials costs. We don’t believe in cost overruns. The bottom line is that the price on your contract is the price you will pay.
  • No Weather Delays – With modular log homes built inside our climate controlled state of the art facility we don’t have to worry about weather delays and neither do you. Your house will be constructed on schedule.
  • Complete package – Our modular log homes are delivered with everything installed. When your house arrives it will include floors, windows, doors, appliances, cabinets, plumbing, electrical wiring and more. We even include light bulbs!
  • Quality – Our quality control program allows the modular log homes built by us to be constructed under strict supervision by experienced craftsmen. A poorly constructed home can be a huge financial burden down the line for the homeowner. Quality is a top priority with us.