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Not All Log Home Builders Are the Same

Log home builders are like the houses that they build, the quality varies widely. One of the most important steps in building your dream house is finding a log home builder who can produce a quality house at a price that you can afford.

When you are considering log home builders be sure to learn about the construction method they use. There are three basic ways to build a log cabin. It can be done by the traditional custom method, by using a kit or the most innovative method is modular construction. The method used will greatly impact both the price and quality of the house.

Custom Built – Log home builders who build custom houses construct them on site from scratch. This is usually the most costly method of building a house. It is common to experience cost overruns, weather delays and other things that will add to the ultimate cost of your house.

Kit Construction – In kit construction log home builders have a kit delivered to the building site that contains all of the logs necessary to construct the house.  While you know the cost of the kit up front, you still have to pay to have wiring, plumping, interior finish and other work performed.  This is also often subject to cost overruns and delays.

Modular Construction – Blue Ridge Log Cabins introduced modular building methods to the log cabin industry. The houses are 90% built inside of a climate controlled factory. This method allows for tight cost controls as well as quality control supervision.

When you are interviewing log home builders please give Blue Ridge Log Cabins a call. We offer quality built houses at fantastic prices. We are so confident of our methods and prices that once we give you a final price we stick to it; there are no cost overruns when you work with us.