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One Homeowner’s Story from Blue Ridge Log Cabins

With the recent earthquake rocking the East Coast, there has been a lot of attention of keeping your family safe and your home protected from natural disasters. And with the hurricanes and tropical storms that have hit the coast as well, guaranteeing your home is secure is a top priority. With our South Carolina log cabin building company Blue Ridge Log Cabins, you can ensure your home is properly prepared to face any storm.

This situation recently presented itself to Mike Higgins from Charlottesville, VA. Mike built a Blowing Rock Series 2 log cabin in Lake Ana, Virginia, which is just 10 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake that hit the coast on August 23rd. With spacious bedrooms, a walk-in closet, and a fully-equipped kitchen, there can be a lot to lose in this style of home. But our log cabins are built to last.

Mike thought it was a cement truck or a plane flying overhead when he first heard the rumble echoing throughout his home. With his two children in tow, Mike prepared for the worst. The rumble began to grow, and for 20-30 seconds, his home was shaking violently. Furniture was bouncing all over the house. After the quake had ceased, several aftershocks shook the home as well, including one measuring a 4.5 on the Richter scale.

In the morning, Mike thoroughly examined his home to survey the possible damage. The windows, logs, and foundation of his home were completely unharmed. His home had withstood this disaster without a scratch. To top it off, Mike’s foundation is pinned to the rock below. There is nothing between his foundation and the rock that could take the brunt of the damage; there is nothing to absorb the shock from the earthquake. His home took the full force of the initial earthquake and all its aftershocks, and came out as good as new.

When we say our log cabins are built to last, we mean it. This homeowner’s story is just one of many that are a testament to what we build, and the quality of our product. With any comments, questions, or to learn more about our log home building process, call us at 888-563-3275 or visit us online.