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South Carolina Log Cabin Builder Offers Quality and Value for Your Dream Home

Log cabin builders have been around for hundreds of years, dating back to the Swedes constructing some of the first log cabins in the United States in south east Pennsylvania. Modern log cabin home builders have used advances in construction and building trades to create homes with a nostalgic look and contemporary amenities. Log cabin homes are mostly built using two main processes of construction: onsite construction builds and log home kits, also known as a modular log home.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins offers a unique construction process unmatched in the log cabin market. By building their log cabins in a climate controlled factory, the South Carolina log cabin builder is able to produce a more consistent and higher quality product than a site-built log cabin home construction. This method allows Blue Ridge to exceed current state code building standards and effectively eliminate the effects of potentially damaging weather common to onsite building.

The cost of a log cabin can often escalate when using a company that builds on-site. Specialized builders and sub-tradesmen are sometimes required for on-site building and can raise the cost of your log cabin along with the inevitable scheduling delay. With over 90% of a Blue Ridge log cabin built in a factory, the cost and delivery schedule of your home can be truthfully projected. Blue Ridge Log Cabins knows your experience is part of the value given to customers looking for their log cabin dream home.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins is truly “Building the Dream” – your dream. A revolutionary building process and unmatched value adds peace of mind to making your log cabin home a reality. Visit the South Carolina log cabin home builder’s website to get started today. Your dream is close to becoming reality.