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  The Advantages of a Log Home Over a Conventional Home

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Although many people associate log cabins with the past, they are making a comeback. Traditional log cabin homes have many advantages over conventional homes, making them of interest to people who are looking for highly sustainable homes. Blue Ridge Log Cabins builds sturdy and spacious log homes to your specifications.

Log Homes Are More Sustainable
Log homes are more sustainable–meaning that they don’t deplete as many natural resources and are better for the environment. There are a couple of reasons why these types of homes are more sustainable.

Log homes are built out of trees, which are a renewable resource. Trees can be re-planted and regrown. They’re not like coal or other finite resources that can be easily depleted.

Wood contains carbon. When a tree stands in the forest, carbon is emitted from the tree and into the air, which is not good for the environment. However, if you use the wood to build a home, that wood doesn’t emit carbon. So you reduce carbon emissions when you build your home out of logs.

Many log homes are built out of standing dead timber. This ensures that the timber is used and not wasted.

In addition to all of these environmental advantages, modular log cabins last longer than brick homes. This means that fewer resources are used overall when people build their homes out of wood rather than out of bricks.

Finally, these homes are 30 percent more energy efficient. Wood naturally stores heat; a wood home will remain warmer in winter than other types of homes.

Log Homes Are Safer During a Storm
Trees are used to stormy weather; no tree would last very long if it couldn’t stand up to wind and rain. Similarly, homes that are made out of logs are strong enough to withstand storms. While hurricanes and tornados may destroy other types of homes, log cabins tend to withstand even the worst damage. Some log cabins have even been known to withstand damage from trees falling on them during particularly bad storms.

Log Homes Are Easy to Build
If the environmental advantages don’t appeal to you, perhaps you’ll want to get a log home because it is so easy to build. The frame can be built in two weeks, so your home won’t be as exposed to the elements, and you’ll be less likely to have mold or mildew problems.

Log cabins have so many advantages over conventional homes that you should consider building one right away. Log cabin home builder Blue Ridge Log Cabins is pleased to build your home for you. Call 888-563-3275 to order your home today.

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