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Picture Yourself in a Blue Ridge Jocassee Log Home

If you’ve been dreaming of living in a log cabin home, now is the time to bring your dreams to reality. Our log cabin home builders have created the top of the line homes for the best level of family comfort. Our team at Blue Ridge Log Cabins is passionate about the log cabins we […]

Log Cabin Decorating Ideas from Blue Ridge

Just because your log cabin is made of wood doesn’t mean that everything inside has to feel rustic. Log cabins are just like any other home—you can decorate them to your heart’s content based on your personal style and taste. At Blue Ridge Log Cabins, we love helping our customers turn their ideas into realities. […]

A Short History of Presidents and Log Cabins

Few things are as iconically American as the frontier log cabin. This home type was one of the preferred models for the pioneers when they first set foot on the new continent that had a seemingly endless supply of trees. Of the United States’ 44 presidents, seven of them have been born in log homes, […]

U.S. Presidents and Log Cabins

In honor of the proceedings that are about to be held in a few weeks, we here at Blue Ridge Log Cabins thought it would be appropriate to salute our founding fathers, especially the ones who had the same passion and love for log cabins as we do. Fun fact: Did you know that 7 […]

Blue Ridge Log Cabins is Everywhere You Are

In the past, log cabin builders often faced a variety of challenges, including logistics, when creating a beautiful log home. All too often, people who wanted a log cabin were left with few choices for location, as the home would always have to be built near wood resources. This left builders in a quandary – […]

Energy Efficiency & Keeping Up with Codes

Energy codes continue to change from the previous slow adoption fad to the current “Code Requirements” that have been mandated by many states regarding new construction. Blue Ridge Log Cabins has been a premiere log cabin building company for 20 years, and our knowledge and capabilities allow us to offer our customers “Green Certified” homes. […]

Log Homes Reach Celebrity Status

You probably already know that log homes are beautiful and durable, but did you know that they have a surprising celebrity history? The fact is, champion boxer Muhammad Ali used log cabins as the basis for his famous training camp, located in Deer Lake, PA, right outside of Philadelphia. Ali’s massive camp was home to […]

A Short History of the Log Cabin

The idea of building the walls of a house by stacking logs horizontally occurred to the Roman architects in the first century, and log cabin home builder Blue Ridge Log Cabins can build one for you that is greatly superior. Following a practice seen in nature to use natural materials that were strong as well […]

The Advantages of a Log Home Over a Conventional Home

Although many people associate log cabins with the past, they are making a comeback. Traditional log cabin homes have many advantages over conventional homes, making them of interest to people who are looking for highly sustainable homes. Blue Ridge Log Cabins builds sturdy and spacious log homes to your specifications. Log Homes Are More Sustainable […]

An Overview of the Jocassee Series Log Cabin

Whether it’s for a cozy cabin or an expansive mansion, a log cabin home builder can do no better than our Jocassee Series modular log cabins. At Blue Ridge Log Cabins, we pride ourselves on the quality of our construction and provide our customers with the best quality home in the industry. Unlike traditional log […]

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