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  Frequently Asked Questions

How can we be assured of the quality and workmanship in our log cabin?
In the past, log homes were built by traditional building contractors or through the use of a log ‘kit’. These out-dated building methods continue to plague the industry today with the same frequent log home on-site construction problems. Blue Ridge Log Cabins has revolutionized the log home industry by building 90% of a log home in a controlled environment utilizing trained craftsman, quality-control systems and QC superintendents. With trained builders and an exhaustive inspection process, Blue Ridge has virtually eliminated all the quality problems associated with out-dated ‘kit’ assembly or on-site construction.

Why do builders like Blue Ridge Log Cabins so much?
They have very little to do to finish the home; most of the construction is done by others under strict quality control and Blue Ridge stands behind what we produce. The builder’s time on the job is shorter and his customer satisfaction is through the roof.

What other materials are needed to complete a log home?
Most log ‘kits’ do not include all the materials needed to complete the house. Blue Ridge Log Cabins completes interior walls, floors, ceilings, interior door and window trim, baseboards and wall moldings, electrical wiring and panel box, outlet receptacles and covers, water heater, plumbing lines, kitchen appliances including refrigerator, range, microwave, dishwasher, cabinets, countertops, bathroom vanities, sinks, tubs, showers, medicine cabinets, mirrors, towel bars, ceiling fans, interior and exterior light fixtures, hose bibs, interior doors, windows, shingles, exterior eave vents, and roof insulation.

How does Blue Ridge Log Cabin’s pricing compare to other log home companies?
Because our homes are systems built under one roof, our price points are at or below ordinary construction with the same architecture and specifications. In some high end areas, they are substantially less than ordinary housing, but have the same or higher quality.

Can you tell me about your home warranty?
Unlike traditional kit companies that only warrant materials, Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ building process and quality control methods enable them to include a complete home warranty for one full year and a structural warranty on your home for up to a minimum of 10 years.

What is included in the base price?
Everything from sub floor to interior trim, appliances and light bulbs; for a complete list refer to standard specifications on our website. Specifications do vary depending on the plan. We can provide you with an exact list when you pick your cabin.

How much do your cabins cost per square foot?
Our homes range from 500 to 5,000 square feet. However to get the finished cost, there are additional factors which you will need to add to get a true square footage and total project figure. We are the only log home company in America who can provide you with the exact price of your finished log home, not estimates or allowances. This is done at no cost to you and will involve a visit to your site to determine site specific charges.

What about porch and deck costs?
These are site specific and thus are built on site. You choose the location of your porches and decks, and we will include the onsite construction in your home’s price.

Can we customize or change a floor plan?
Using state-of-the-art, computer assisted design, Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ in-plant engineers assist customers in any design or floor plan changes. The final engineering prints are then reviewed by Blue Ridge Log Cabin building supervisors and quality control staff. Although many customers are quite creative in fulfilling their dream home, safety of design are of utmost concern. After final engineering prints are approved by the customer, Blue Ridge Log Cabins then obtains specific state code compliance approvals before construction begins.

How are transportation costs determined?
It is determined by mileage and includes the transporters, drivers, and all other costs involved in moving the cabin to your site.

What about construction cost over-runs?
Unlike all other log home builders and unheard of in-home building, Blue Ridge Log Cabins guarantees that the price on your agreement is the final price for your home.

How can I budget the cost of the site work, foundation and HVAC?
We can give you a very good estimate from our office to see if these items fit within your budget; if they do, we will get a builder to provide you with the exact price.

Why should I tell my sales consultant my budget?
Armed with that information, he can let you know immediately whether or not you can build your dream log home and finish it at or below your budgeted figure.

How can I lower the cost of my dream home to stay within budget?
In order of importance: adjust your architecture, your specifications and/or your square footage. Site issues could also greatly increase your price—topography and vegetation are important.

What if we do have a problem?
Traditional builders have to arrange for the sub-contractors associated with your problems to investigate and fix their errors. Blue Ridge Log Cabins has an on-site service department that will call and schedule the best time to visit and correct any warranty issue.

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