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Your Log Home Builder with a Difference

Blue Ridge Log Cabins entered the market as a log home builder and brought something to the industry that was considered a luxury and made it a reality for everyone.  Our innovative introduction of modular building methods has placed the dream of building a log cabin quickly within reach.

Any traditional log home builder will tell you that building a log cabin from scratch can be a time consuming process. In the past the only way to speed the process up was to have enough cash to be able to pay for extra workers above and beyond the norm. By introducing modular home building techniques we have greatly decreased the time it takes to build a home while also increasing the quality that is built into it.

At Blue Ridge LC our goal in introducing modular techniques was not simply to be able to build houses quickly. We also wanted to introduce stringent quality control measures to ensure that every home that we deliver meets and usually exceeds common building practices.

A log home builder has several ways of constructing a house. They can accomplish it by building it from scratch on site, with a kit or our modular method. The quality advantage to our method is realized in several ways.

  • Climate control – Our homes are built within our climate controlled facility which is completely under roof. Besides the advantage of not being at the mercy of weather conditions that can affect scheduling, there is not worry about exposure to the elements at critical stages of the construction.
  • Moisture control – All of the wood that goes into our houses is stored indoors. Our kiln dried logs are continuously monitored for moisture content which results in a better built home.
  • Quality control – Being built in our facility means that each house is constructed under the watchful eyes of our quality control personnel. We have expert teams that are skilled in every trade that is involved.

We want to be your log home builder. Call us today and let us show you how we can help you bring your dream house to life.