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Your Log Home Has Been a Dream, Make It a Reality

While a log home has often been considered a vacation home in the past, more people are using them as their primary residence. The rustic beauty of log cabins fits the lifestyles of both active families and empty nesters.

A log home is not only beautiful, it is functional. Many people grow concerned that modern amenities will be difficult to incorporate when they think of log cabin living. The engineers and designers at Blue Ridge Log Cabins have addressed those issues and you will be able to enjoy all the conveniences of modern life in one of our log homes. Our logs are flat on the inside to provide a more finished look for interior walls and allow pictures, cabinets and other items to be hung easily. Installation of drywall is not necessary.

Traditional insulation is not used in the walls of a log home.  The logs that you see on the outside form the walls that you see inside of the home. However, this lack of insulation is not a concern; a log home is known for being warm. The reason for this is the thermal mass of the logs. During the day the logs absorb warmth from the interior of the home and from the sun. When temperatures drop at night the logs give off this warmth and help keep the log home warm. There are difference sizes of logs available and the larger 8 x 8 ones are recommended for colder climates.

The timeless charm and beauty of a log home can fit into almost any location from urban to rural. They are enjoyed from the northern woods of Maine and Vermont to the piney woods of the Georgia Mountains. With all of the floor plans available from Blue Ridge Log Cabins we are sure to have a plan to fit your style and location. Our plans are customizable so come and see how simple it can be to live your dream of a log home.